Product overview

KE-agrar is a feed supplement that contains the natural plant biology of herbs. KE-agrar contains the ingredients of the herbs as well as their biology.


The positive effect on the animal is based on the evolutionary development of the animals because the ingredients and their biology of KE-agrar have always been absorbed during the daily feed intake.

In modern animal husbandry, however, this biology is missing more and more often. However, this biology is essential for optimal digestion and thus metabolism. This is where the cycle of KE-agrar starts.


Good digestion => better feed conversion => better metabolism => higher performance => milder manure, lower ammonium load => manure is better tolerated by the soil => better plant growth => higher crop yield => higher quality of basic feed ... etc.


KE-plant is a plant additive that contains ingredients that activate the plant's own defence system.

It is used to improve and restore the water quality of swimming ponds and biotopes and as a biological start-up aid for sewage treatment plants.

KE-horse is a feed supplement which is adapted to horses. It contains the biology that horses would consume in the wild by grazing on herbs.

KE-pet is a feed supplement adapted for pets. It contains the biology that pets would consume in the wild

KE-fish is a supplementary feed which is adapted for fish. It contains the biology that fish would consume in the wild.

KE-Aquarium is designed for aquariums and small ponds and supports their biological cycles.

KE-mineral is a mineral plant aid. It is a zeolite in pure form with a crystal structure and fineness that is favourable for the plant.

KE herbal extract is a food supplement for humans.
The KE herbal extract is highly concentrated plant biology in liquid form.