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"KE" - The herbal extract from Austria.

"KE" is a quality product and combines the ingredients of herbs and their biology as it exists in nature. No substances are added or removed.

KE is pure natural plant biology.

Natural biology has always played an important role in many areas of the biological cycle. Whether in the soil, on the plant, the processing of manure, or the nutrition of animals and humans. Without them, nothing alive would work. The KE product line contains exactly the kind of biology that can still be found in healthy nature. By using KE products it is in many areas possible to support natural processes in a positive way. This opens up a multitude of applications. These range from use for soil improvement, leaf treatment, manure processing, animal feeding or food supplements for humans. KE products are also suitable for all agricultural crops such as arable farming, viticulture or fruit and vegetable cultivation.

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