KE-herbal extract as a food supplement

KE-herbal extract is a highly concentrated plant biology in a liquid and above all long lasting form. By means of a specific manufacturing method, the ingredients and active agents of the used herbs are preserved. Basically, KE-herbal extract is a natural herbal ferment. The contents including different mountain- and meadow herbs, salt, molasses and spring water from the Alps complement each other in their effect.


KE-herbal extract is a high quality herbal ferment, to which no external substances like bacteria, funguses or yeasts were added. The contents complement each other in their subtle effect. Thus, it can be worked against the formation of decay products as well as the development of digestive problems.

Our body is weakened due to increasing environmental burdens, chemistry in our food, frustration as well as occupational and private stress. Most times, a lack of energy and motivation, tiredness or a lack of concentration is the consequence. This may partially be associated with a growth of fungi in our gastro-intestinal tract.


Again and again our attention is called – not only by the media - to the fact that the intestine is the root of the human health. It determines our wellbeing, vitality and health. It is the base for a healthy body, a feeling of freedom and a clear spirit. When our digestive system is weakened, this has negative effects for our body. For this reason, it’s not surprising that 80 % of all diseases have their beginning in the gastro-intestinal tract.


Already an old folk wisdom says: “Death sits in the intestine”. In case the gastric- and intestinal flora are disturbed in their functionality, putrefactive substances can spread in the intestine. When you have a look at our lifestyle of today and our kind of nutrition, it becomes totally clear why severe digestive problems have to occur.


By means of the symbiosis of different bacteria and funguses, as they are contained in KE-herbal extract as a nutritional supplement, and the useful accompanying effect of the low pH-value, not only the gastric- and intestinal flora can be supported, but also the formation of putrefactive substances can be prevented to a great extent. Already formed decay can be stopped effectively this way and an already bad digestion can be optimized.

Application and dosage

The best is to take KE-herbal extract with water that is not too cold. It has to be paid attention to the fact that the daily dosage of 20 ml is not exceeded.

As a starting dosage, the ingestion of one teaspoon to tablespoon before eating is recommended, under surveillance of the own reaction. Every user can determine his dosage individually, so that he has a benefit of it.

Please note that KE-herbal extract is no compensation for a varied nutrition or a medical treatment!




In order to be able to ensure a temporally homogeneous product quality, high standards are demanded of the ingredients when producing KE herbal extract.

It goes without saying, that the soil, on which the herbs are cultivated, is absolutely free from commercial fertilizers or other synthetically produced fertilizers, plant aids or sprays of all kinds. In this respect, the responsible supervisory authority is “Austria BIO Garantie”.

The utilized herbs do not come from monocultures, but from areas, on which they fit together regarding their type and characteristics and form a symbiosis. For this reason, herbs coming from a collection from the wild are used preferably, because there, this symbiosis is formed naturally.

Besides valuable herbs, also salt, molasses and alpine spring water are used for KE-herbal extract.

The human digestion


The gastrointestinal tract – the digestive system – forms a large living environment for bacteria and other microorganisms. They form ecosystems connected in a complicated interrelationship. In this respect, there are two large groups of bacteria ensuring the intestinal balance: on the one hand the group of aerobic bacteria which depend on atmospheric oxygen, and on the other hand the group of anaerobic germs, for which oxygen is harmful.


The bacteria collectives are active in a vital form, substances are spent and new ones are formed steadily. Their tasks comprise breaking down and assimilating our food. Furthermore, they ensure the nutritional supply of the intestinal mucosa and have tasks of vital importance within the immune defense.


There are many reasons that may cause a disorder of this balance of the intestinal flora (digestive disorder), like an unbalanced nutrition, contaminated foods because of chemical fertilizing and polluted water, but also factors like stress and a lack of exercise are an issue. The results are metabolic weaknesses that may lead to a disbalance of the digestive juices, which on the other hand brings further irregularities con