KE-garar in Grassland Management

Problems in grassland are an issue for many farmers. Low rainfall, weeds, soil erosion or simply gaps in the grass stock are just some of the problems in grassland. There are now 2 possibilities how KE-agrar can be applied here.
The first possibility is to use KE-agrar to treat the manure already in the barn. See: MANURE


The second, and much better possibility is to use KE-agrar already in feeding. In this way one does not forego the positive effects of KE-agrar in feeding. How does it work? In grassland, farmers usually use their own farmyard manure and here KE-agrar can have a very positive effect on the grassland. The aim is to increase the quality of the farm manure by feeding KE.

KE-agrar is a feed supplement that contains the natural plant biology of herbs. KE-agrar contains the ingredients of the herbs as well as their biology.  The positive effect on the digestion of the animal is based on the evolutionary development of the animals because the ingredients and their biology of KE-agrar have always been absorbed during the daily feed intake.


In modern animal husbandry, however, this biology is missing more and more often. However, this biology is essential for optimal digestion and thus metabolism. This is where the cycle of KE-agrar starts.


Good digestion => better feed conversion => better metabolism => higher performance => milder manure, lower ammonium load => manure is better tolerated by the soil => better plant growth => higher crop yield => higher quality of basic feed ... etc.



The change from feed acids to KE-agar:
In feeding, acids are used to stabilize the feed. The acids prevent reheating and inhibit the spread of yeasts, fungi and bacteria. In this way they ensure a constant feed quality. The biology in KE also inhibits the spread of noxious yeasts, fungi and bacteria and at the same time supports the digestion of the animal. Experience has shown that replacing feed acids with KE-agrar has a positive effect on digestion and thus also on the farmyard manure.


Replacement of chemical silage additives by KE-agar:
This way the digestive tract of the animals is not burdened with chemically produced acids, which in turn has a positive effect on the quality of the manure. See: SILAGE

Experience of a customer:
Josef Schatzl has been using KE-agrar on his farm for 15 years. In addition to its use as a silage additive, KE-agrar is also regularly sprayed in the barn. In February 2020 Mr. Schatzl sent us 2 videos which he had made after a precipitation of 25mm. The videos show 2 opposite fields after 25mm rainfall within 2 hours.
It is good to see that the field of Mr. Schatzl has a much better water absorption than the opposite field of the neighbour. Unfortunately, this video also shows a sad picture of the soil conditions of many fields. Especially when you consider that you can see the effect of a normal precipitation event here.

Field of Herr Schatzl. KE-agrar in use for 15 years.

Field from the neighbor. No KE-agrar in use.