Company history

The TVA Produktion & Vertriebs- Ges.m.b.H. was founded in 2007 from the company TVA Forschung & Entwicklung.


The core task of TVA Research & Development, which was founded in 1996, is essentially the research of the most diverse connections in the cycle of nature and the practical utilisation of natural regulatory mechanisms. An essential part of these regulations is the biology of healthy nature. Understanding, protecting, using and, above all, putting them into practice is an essential part of our business.



"I know that I know nothing" - is one of the most important quotations in history and, as we know, comes from Socrates. Many people only realise on closer inspection how meagre their specific knowledge sometimes actually is. We too are constantly reminded of this in the course of our research. We therefore consider it very important to constantly educate ourselves further. It is also our endeavour to find experts and institutions and to share this knowledge or interesting contacts with them for the benefit of all, or to make it accessible to others.


In our research within the framework of our product development, the question of why and how something works is always at the forefront of our minds. It is not enough for us that it works. Therefore, in addition to our in-house research, we work very closely with renowned Austrian research institutes such as the Vienna University of Technology or the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences.

The replacement of chemistry by biology

in the habitat of animals and humans

"there is a solution for everything - it's just that in most cases it hasn't been found yet" According to this principle, it is our aim to offer our customers solutions for smaller or even bigger problems. Our network of experts supports us in this endeavour.

Some pictures from our company:

Our herb garden