Feeding of sheep and goats with KE-agar

KE-agrar is a liquid supplementary feed with an all-round effect without any kind of additives. KE-agrar contains both the ingredients of the herbs used and their plant biology in their natural composition. In other words, KE-agrar contains the same biology that sheep or goats would ingest in the wild when eating herbs. In modern feeding there is a lack of exactly those substances which are found on herbs and which are necessary for a good digestion. KE-agrar brings the ingredients into the feed as if the sheep or goat was always fed a bunch of herbs.

Once used in animal feeding, KE-agrar continues to work in the stable and through the manure into the soil. For the farmer, this is reflected in an improvement of animal health, feed conversion, a potential for saving on concentrated feed and an enhancement of the farm's own manure.


Per animal per day: 2 ml KE-agrar


If the fertiliser is also to be upgraded, a higher dosage is required:

Per animal per day: 4 ml KE-agrar. This saves an additional treatment of the manure.


If silage treated with KE-agrar is fed, the dosage will be reduced:

Per animal per day: 3 ml KE-agrar. In this case the manure is also enhanced.


Lambs & Fawns:

Per day: 1 ml KE-agrar

Additional application possibilities:

In case of disease in the stable:

1.0 l KE-agrar plus approx. + 9.0 l water. Spray 3 times per day in the stable air.


For prophylaxis against diseases in the stable:

Spray the same mixture 1 – 3 times per week in the stable. Frequency depending on the disease pressure.


To support the stable cleaning:

After soaking, spray 1.0 l KE-agrar plus approx. + 9.0 l water in a sprayer on the areas to be cleaned and allow to react (wet on wet).


After disinfection:

1.0 l KE-agrar plus approx. + 9.0 l water. Only carry out treatment when the effect of the disinfectant has already passed.


Alternative to disinfectants:

1.0 l KE-agrar plus approx. + 9.0 l water