KE-plant in hop growing

KE-plant is a plant aid to strengthen the plants and to prevent plant disease.


Scientific studies at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences and the Technical University of Vienna have shown that the plant aid KE-plant contains ingredients that are able to activate the plant's own defence system.
This effect is achieved by the fact that the special manufacturing process of KE-plant allows the surface biology of herbs as well as their secondary ingredients to be contained in KE-plant in a durable form, which can now be used specifically to support plants.
This biology activates, among other things, plant-own biochemical messenger substances, which stimulate the plant's defence system. Even the smallest amounts of KE-plant not only result in increased growth and yield but also in a significant increase in the resistance of plants.



Hops are a very sensitive plant and react very strongly to the plant aid KE-plant. The dosage should therefore be adjusted to the plant size over the vegetative period.


0.5 litres to 2 litres KE-plant per application per hectare - See gradation below.
+ 1 kg KE-mineral per application per hectare


- From the beginning of leaf development to longitudinal growth at approx. 10% of the

  scaffolding height:

  0.5 litres of KE-plant per application per hectare.

- From growth in length at approx. 10% of the scaffolding height until the Buds:

  1 litre KE-plant per application per hectare.

- From the time the buds appear:

  2 litres of KE-plant per application per hectare.