Feeding pigs with KE-agrar

KE-agrar is a liquid supplementary feed with an all-round effect without any kind of additives. KE-agrar contains both the ingredients of the herbs used and their plant biology in their natural composition. In other words, KE-agrar contains the same biology that pigs would ingest in the wild when eating herbs. In modern feeding there is a lack of exactly those substances which are found on herbs and which are necessary for a good digestion. KE-agrar brings the ingredients into the feed as if the pig was always fed a bunch of herbs.


Once used in animal feeding, KE-agrar continues to work in the stable and through the manure into the soil. For the farmer, this is reflected in an improvement of animal health, feed conversion, a potential for saving on concentrated feed and an enhancement of the farm's own manure.

KE-agrar can support feed hygiene by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria. KE-agrar has a pH value of 3.5 and can replace feed acids and increases the digestibility of the feed in a natural way. Experience has shown that in contrast to common feed acids, the pig's appetite is also increased.


per ton of dry fodder: 1 litre KE-agrar + approx. 8 litres water


per ton of weaning feed: 2-3 litres KE-agrar + approx. 8 litres water


per tonne of liquid feed: 1 litre of KE-agrar per tonne of dry matter


per 1000 litres of whey: 0,5 litres KE-agrar


ATTENTION: Either KE-agrar or feed acids. Both together are too much acid for the pig's digestion.


If KE silage is fed, the amount of KE in the silage ration (e.g. the amount of KE in CCM silage) can be deducted from the daily feed dosage.