Feeding poultry with KE-agrar

KE-agrar is a liquid supplementary feed with an all-round effect without any kind of additives. KE-agrar contains both the ingredients of the herbs used and their plant biology in their natural composition. In other words, KE-agrar contains the same biology that poultry would take up when eating in the wild.


Once used in animal feeding, KE-agrar continues to work in the stable and through the manure into the soil. For the farmer, this is reflected in an improvement of animal health, feed conversion, a potential for saving on concentrated feed and an enhancement of the farm's own manure.


per ton of dry fodder: 1 litre KE-agrar + approx. 8 litres water


ATTENTION: The use of KE-agrar in the drinking water supply is only possible to a limited extent.
Due to the low water flow, there is a risk that KE-agrar forms jelly with the biofilm in the drinking water pipes, which can clog the drinking nipples over time.

We therefore recommend to dose KE-agrar for poultry feeding only via the feed.


If coccidiostatica or other antibacterial substances are used in the feed, the positive effect of KE-agrar in feeding is strongly impaired.

Feeding trial of the Federal College for Agriculture and Nutrition Elmberg
Diploma thesis "Effects of the use of herbal extracts in animal husbandry"

Initial situation: The aim of the work is to find out whether the performance of laying hens can be increased by KE-agrar. Therefore a feeding trial was carried out and the performance and quality of the egg was documented.

In this feeding experiment with small experimental groups of chickens, the results can be evaluated. This is partly due to the small digestive tract of the chickens and can be ascribed to the experimental period of 100 days. The difference between the two groups is clear in this feeding experiment. However, a larger experiment with more animals per experimental group would have to be set up in order to be able to make a more precise evaluation. It is likely that the laying performance can be increased by adding KE-agrar to the feed.