Ensiling with KE-agar

KE-agrar is no silage agent, but registered as an animal feed additive. However, the particularity of KE-agrar is that KE-agrar contains exactly the biology also effective in nature for stabilizing silages, because this biology is naturally located on the healthy forage crop. Nevertheless, not in this high concentration like it is present in KE-agrar. This is only ensured by means of the specifically developed manufacturing process. This biology now also increasingly produces lactic acid under the exclusion of air. This lactic acid very quickly introduces the stabilizing process and thus naturally prevents a reheat. Thus, KE-agrar also becomes a highly efficient addition for the silage, when it is requested to add KE-agrar as an animal feed additive already in the silage in order to save the daily separate dosage to the daily feed. KE-agrar helps introducing and stabilizing the silage process. Butyric fermentation as well as mold formation can be prevented and the silage quality is improved.

KE-agrar silages

  • don’t stress the digestive tract with chemically produced acids.
  • increase the appetite.
  • improve the climate in the stable by a higher organic ammoniac binding.
  • improve the liquid manure drain.
  • support the degradation of swimming- and sinking layers in the liquid manure.
  • don’t let the liquid manure and dung decay, but they stimulate the rotting process.
  • therefore, fewer nitrogen losses and smell.
  • continue their microbial characteristics down in to the soil.


The positive effect on the animal is based on the evolutionary development of the animals because the ingredients and their biology of KE-agrar have always been absorbed during the daily feed intake. In modern animal husbandry, however, this biology is missing more and more often. However, this biology is essential for optimal digestion and thus metabolism.

This is where the cycle of KE-agrar starts.

Good digestion => better feed conversion => better metabolism => higher performance => milder manure, lower ammonium load => manure is better tolerated by the soil => better plant growth => higher crop yield => higher quality of basic feed ... etc.


KE-agrar is suitable for grass silage, whole plant silage, maize silage, CCM and moist cereals. It is very important to distribute KE-agrar as evenly as possible in the silage.

Depending on the silage making process, there are various ways to get KE-agrar into the silage. Ideally, it should be introduced directly via the forage harvester, the CCM mill or other dosing devices.


Dosage grass silage:

0.25 lt KE-agrar per to + sufficient water to wet the silage.


Dosage maize silage and whole plant silage:

0.4 lt KE-agrar per ton + sufficient water to wet the silage.


Dosage CCM or crushed wet grain:

0.5 lt KE-agrar per tonne + sufficient water to wet the silage.