KE-agrar to improve the stable climate

The stable climate always has a direct effect on animal health, and thus also on the stable performance and the quality of the products which are generated in the farm. Both in the field of liquid manure, slurry and dung as well as in the stable it is absolutely important to prevent decay as much as possible in order to create a good and comfortable stable climate for the animals.


We therefore recommend spraying KE-agrar especially in sensitive areas (e.g. farrowing area or calf boxes).

Use of KE-agrar after disinfection


Sometimes the use of disinfectant cannot be avoided. The problem: disinfectants do not make a difference between bad and good microorganisms. Everything is killed off as best as possible.


Free surfaces are created without microbial population, on which remaining pathogens can again establish themselves and grow unhindered. KE-agrar now offers the possibility of wetting all surfaces with a natural plant biology after disinfection and thus preventing the expansion of potential pathogenic germs.

KE-agrar as an alternative to disinfectants


KE-agrar has a completely different approach than disinfectants. The goal is not to create a completely sterile environment, but to create a stable, healthy microbial community.

How does KE-agrar work: The biology in KE-agrar occupies the treated area and forms a biofilm. The biology of KE-agrar consumes existing food sources, thus depriving pathogenic germs of both food and habitat. The aim should not be elimination, killing or extermination, but the principle of natural microbial displacement competition.


In case of disease in the stable:

Spray 3 times per day in the stable air.


For prophylaxis against diseases in the stable:

Spray the same mixture 1 – 3 times per week in the stable.

Frequency depending on the disease pressure.


To support the stable cleaning:

After soaking, spray 1.0 l KE-agrar plus approx. + 9.0 l water in a sprayer on the areas to be cleaned and allow to react (wet on wet).


After disinfection:

1.0 l KE-agrar plus approx. + 9.0 l water

Only carry out treatment when the effect of the disinfectant has already passed.


Alternative to disinfectants:

1.0 l KE-agrar plus approx. + 9.0 l water