KE-mineral is a zeolite rock in pure form with a crystal structure and fineness that is favourable for the plant. The high surface area and microporous structure in combination with the special crystalline form of the zeolite particles support the plant metabolism. To prevent fungal diseases, the combination with the plant aid KE-plant is recommended.

Application and dosage of KE-mineral:

As a plant aid in treatments with sprayers or irrigation systems:


Mix 1 kg KE-mineral per hectare per treatment with at least 200 litres of water. KE-mineral is applied to the leaf surface as a fine spray mist from the 3-blade stage onwards. If possible, the underside of the leaves should also be moistened. The frequency of treatment should be adapted to local conditions. To further increase the effect of KE-mineral, the combination with the plant aid KE-plant is recommended. KE-mineral can be applied simultaneously with other products. When applying KE-mieral, care must be taken to ensure that it does not sediment in the sprayer.


KE-mineral can also be used to control insect pests.

  • Bird mites
  • Fleas
  • Grain beetle
  • Spider mites
  • Plant pests such as aphids

KE-mineral is applied in a dry state. A thin layer of KE-mineral is spread along the preferred pathways of the insects or directly applied to vermin nests. On indoor plants or plants in the garden, treat the affected areas with a paint brush dusted with KE-mineral. For large-area application, e.g. in a chicken coop, the use of blowers is recommended.


Effect of KE-mineral:
KE-mineral has a physical effect. The fine particles of KE-mineral bore into the layer of the body surface of insects that protects them from dehydration. As a result, vital water evaporates, the insect dries up and dies. In addition, it interferes with the insects' locomotion mechanism and makes them unable to move.


Composition of KE-mineral:
Clinoptiolite zeolite of sedimentary origin.
Particle size 98% 20μm max. 32μm