KE-aquarium for aquariums and koi

KE-aquarium contains both the herbal active ingredients of herbs and their natural biology. It improves the water quality, reduces sediments of organic material, acts against fungus and thus promotes the health of the fish.




Mode of action of KE-aquarium:

The biology contained in KE-fish regulates the intestinal flora of the fish and acts as a natural antagonist of pathogens in the digestive tract of fish. The effect is based on a germ competition against unwanted bacteria by promoting wanted germs of the intestinal flora and inhibiting unwanted ones. The biology contained in KE-aquarium also spreads in the water and starts to break down feed remains and excrements. Pollutants such as ammonium, ammonia and nitrite are converted into nitrate more quickly and can thus be absorbed by the aquatic plants. The improved plant growth in turn reduces the nutrients for algae and thus ensures clear water.



Main applications and dosages:


Regular care: weekly 1ml (12 drops) per 10 litres of water

For new aquariums: Once 4 ml per 10 litres of water
For fungal diseases: Once 8ml per 10 litres of water.


For koi ponds and big fish tanks:
100 ml per 10 m³ 2-3 times a year