KE-horse is a liquid supplementary feed for horses, which combines the active ingredients of herbs and their natural biology. The biology contained in KE-horse is exactly the same biology that free-living horses ingest when grazing. Very few horses are still kept under completely natural conditions. Also, in most cases the quality of the feed cannot meet the needs of the horse. Bowel diseases, metabolic disorders, allergies and a weak immune system can be the result. Just like in humans, up to 70% of the immune system in horses is built up in the intestines. Therefore it is essential to support the horse's intestines to enable the necessary regeneration and health maintenance.

With KE-horse a simple possibility is created here. KE-horse is simply mixed into the daily feed and thus administered to the horse. Experience from practical application has shown that KE-horse can also be used to prevent colic.


 25ml per horse/day

 10ml per foal/day. Not before the 12th week of life

Additional application possibilities:

KE-horse offers the possibility of wetting all surfaces with a natural plant biology and thus preventing the expansion of potential pathogenic germs.


For prophylaxis against diseases in the stable:

1.0 l KE-horse plus approx. + 9.0 l water. 1 times per week in the stable. Frequency depending on the disease pressure.


For skin problems - fungal infestation of the skin or fur:

Spray the affected area daily pure with KE-horse and massage it in.


Field reports / customer feedback

I can say that the KE horse is very good for the well being of my horses. In my herd I also have a horse that has colic from time to time. But since we use KE-Horse, we don't need a vet every time we have colic. In acute cases I administer about 125 ml KE horse directly and undiluted into the horse's mouth.

Rudolf Jagersberger - Austria

In a sick horse, where multiresistant germs had settled in the skin, there was hardly any real fur left, and the veterinarian had been stuck for 3 months, it went significantly better with KE-horse within 14 days. After the first bottle was empty (40 days), the owner had weaned KE, but the mare then had a slight relapse, but this immediately subsided when KE was given again.


A horse in a racing stable, which always has to fight with skin fungus infection during the change of coat, and therefore always decreases strongly, had got KE-horse after the fungus had already broken out and she looked much better within 10 days and the coat was shining. Now two more horses in the stable, who have skin problems or problems with the change of coat, get KE-horse.


Stefanie Bolling - Germany